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A Mobile Stage Is An Essential Part Of Any Event

When planning outdoor events, it is important to consider where the main attraction will be. It’s a given that you’re going to need a stage. In comparison to traditional stages, Mobile stages have several advantages. A Mobile Led Display Trailer is a great option for outdoor events for the following reasons.

The Performers Can Be Seen By Attendees

Mobile Roadshows are large enough to accommodate a 10-piece band or an acoustic duo. There is no limit to the number of people who can perform, so dozens, hundreds, or thousands of people can attend events. You can benefit from mobile stages regardless of the size of your audience.

Space isn’t just for the stage and attendees at your event. Backstage areas should also be adequately spaced, including parking for trailers and catering Trailer Stage equipment. In addition, ground preparations and hours of rigging and ballasting are needed to build a traditional stage structure. A mobile stage setup saves space by allowing extra space for extra structures or parking in the backstage areas. As a result of these stages, costs are also reduced, and efficiency and speed are improved.

Trailer Stage

Easy Setup

The setup process for mobile stages is extremely simple: just haul it in, set it up, and haul it out. You can do it in just a few minutes! Standard pickup trucks can tow many mobile stages. Stage technicians can set up the smaller mobile stages in less than an hour with two-stage technicians.

The Safety Of Stages

Stage technicians, also known as stage riggers, must handle the various parts of a traditional staging structure at extreme heights in stage design. From the ground up, these stages are built from scratch. The entire process of moving, operating, and utilizing mobile stages is done safely.

Strong Structure

Mother Nature won’t ruin your event. With a fully hydraulic setup, a mobile stage is constructed from an all-aluminum base. Stages built for mobile use can withstand high winds, rain, and other weather conditions. Mobile stages offer rig capacities ranging from 6,500 to 152,000, depending on their strength. Consider performers’ audio, lighting, and stage design when planning your event’s mobile stage to ensure that it meets their setup needs and is weatherproof.

Custom Design

Mobile stages can accommodate your stage design and your performers’ needs with multiple stage deck configurations. For example, do you plan to advertise your event with special signs or sponsorships? The sides of mobile stages are built with banner space so you can show off your signage to everyone. It is also possible to design your backdrops, such as banners, stand-alone structures, or LED video walls. You can customize your stage in an infinite number of ways!

Traditional Staging Alternative – Cost-Effective

Increasingly tight budgets make it vital to develop cost-effective solutions for event production. There are many benefits to renting a mobile stage, regardless of location. Make the most of your event budget by not breaking it on your staging.

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